2023 Journal with Inspirational Quotes

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Start the new year by planning your time wisely and setting your goals smartly.

The 2023 Digital Journal helps guide you throughout the year by making your journaling journey easy and effortless.

The Journal includes the following sections:

  • A monthly overview about your to-do-list or events
  • A SMART guide that helps you set you New Year Goals
  • Weekly inspirational quotes from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH about things we all to be reminded of such as value, morals of equality and justice and caring for ourselves and others and much more.
  • Date and weather sections to keep track of little details about your day and helps you remember them better
  • A section for your daily mood log to express your feelings
  • A to-do-list of the day
  • A note section for your thoughts and ideas

How to use the Journal:

  • Import the PDF file into your note-taking app of choice and you're good to go, it works both on iOS and Android devices.
  • For old-school notetakers, you can print out the PDF file, bind it and use it as any other regular journal.
  • Enjoy using it and remember to take things slow!

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You'll get

Monthly overview
SMART guide for New Year Goals
Inspirational Quotes
Mood log
Daily to-do-list
15.8 MB
370 pages
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2023 Journal with Inspirational Quotes

2 ratings
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