30 Days Writing Challenge

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The key to improving your writing skill is through continuous practice, and what better ways to do that than challenging yourself.

We bring you a fun and interactive 30 Days Writing Challenge to get you started on your journey and take your writing to the next level.

The Calendar includes the following:

  • 30 different writing prompts spread through the month in check boxes to be marked after completion
  • 4 Essay topics (1 each week) to get you used to formal writing
  • A note section if you need to adjust your goals or add comments and track your progress

How should you use this calendar:

  • First start by printing the calendar and hang it on a visible surface so you're always reminded, you can however use it digitally as well.
  • Set a starting date for yourself, you can do so by beginning from the first Monday of the month or choose any other day and move along
  • Commit to one hour everyday to complete the tasks and mark it as done once finished (It's important to set a limited time to get used to writing under a deadline)
  • For maximum benefits, you can take this a step further by sharing your writing with someone else and ask for their feedback
  • Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment each time you cross off an item of the calendar
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30 Days Writing Challenge

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